Breast Implants Do You Really Need Them?

Does a woman really need breast implants? What's her reason for wanting them?
Could it be vanity, medical reasons, self esteem, or is she just trying to keep up with the Joneses?
There can be many different reasons to get breast implants. Are you a stripper, a prostitute or a porn star? Did you say No? Well then you don't need basket ball sized melons so tight they won't even jiggle. Hey, it's that jiggle that's attractive. Not those over inflated rigor mortis knockers that are so stiff the nipples not even the right place.
You could put somebody's eye out with those things.
But these big tight boobs sticking out like they were molded from latex are lifeless looking and not very appetizing. Boobs are made to move, swing and sway. They are soft squishy and spongy to the touch. These are the boobs dreams are made of.
A boob that has no natural movement is not very sexy. Bigger does NOT mean better. These tight perky tits belong on teenagers, not 30 and 40 year olds and up. A mature woman should have some natural hang to her chest. When she bends over they should hang straight down and just swing.
Nice boobs should jiggle and sway to and fro, bounce up and down and have a life of their own. Vanity or as I'll call them bimbo boobs are tight and stretched out. They are lifeless. The average normal woman doesn't want or need bimbo boobs. They can also be called business boobs because they are used to make money.
There are legitimate reasons for women to have breast implants, such as women who lose a breast or two due to cancer, or women that are just flat chested and want to improve their looks and their self esteem and look better in their clothes and out of them. You don't have to get implants for anyone but yourself, and do it because it's right for you.
Boobs are important to a woman and her self image. Getting an enlargement to correct an imbalance, due to one being larger than the other is a good reason, and if you just happen to make them a little bigger then it will just make you feel that much better about yourself.
Some women want implants just because everyone else is getting them. They think that because Bobby and Betty Joe got boob jobs that they have to get one too. Not a good reason. They reason it out in their mind, until they feel justified to get it done.
I think that the boobs that have some natural hang to them are the sexiest and sweetest looking breasts. Why, because the look is real. Sure you can get an implant that looks real, just don't have them inflated so tight.
So do women really need breast implants?
Most women do not need implants. Their breasts are fine looking as they are, large, medium or small. It's not what you've got its how you use them and how you wear them.
You've heard the saying more than a mouth full is wasted and this true. But if your breasts are so tiny that you are not happy with them, then get the boob job, feel good about it, and love the way you look. Thank God for implants for those that really need them.
What's that you asked? Am I against breast implants? No I am not. Breast implants are a blessing for those women that are unhappy with what they have and want to improve their looks. Do it for the right reasons ladies. Don't do it for the silver screen, or to strut your stuff trying to be all that.
But most women are really fine just the way they are. Leave your boobs alone, natural is always better, or at least natural looking. Are you a quality lady? If you answered yes then you have quality boobs.
Remember it's the quality, not the quantity.
You make the boobs, the boobs don't make you.


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